You Want Your Reps to
Yet, You Don’t Make Time
for Training and Coaching...
So How’s that Going to Work?

If You’re a Sales Leader
and Want to SELL MORE,
Check this Out! 👇🏼

You’ll learn:

- Why Major Brands Invest in Their People
- What Successful Outcomes are Defined as
- Why Focus in Service, Sales and Coaching Matter in Today’s Complex Business Environment
- Why Following a Defined Process can Lead
to a 20% Increase in YOUR Sales

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What Course Attendees Have Said:

"Listening more to the customer and spending more time on the interview has really helped." ~ Denise H. Fairfax, Virginia

"Now that I know, I feel like all of my customers start me out in the negotiation stage." ~ Lynn S. Calgary, Canada

"I found that adjusting to customer behavior styles shortened my sales process considerably." ~ Todd G. Salt Lake City, Utah

"I’m an old dog. You have done the unthinkable and taught me new tricks." ~ Todd S. Dallas, Texas

"Learning the behavioral styles was awesome. For example, a client wanted to talk about kids, family and everything under the sun. I wanted her to sign the purchase order. I sat back and listened for 10 minutes. When she was done, she said, 'Where do I sign?' If I had interrupted her monologue, about her family then she would not have bought. Darn sure about that!" ~ Adam W. American Fork, Utah

"I was able to reassess who my customer is and what they need from me." ~ Steve J. Toronto, Canada